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Goat Milk Hand Cream

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Why goat milk? - It's nature's original balanced moisturizer -

  • Naturally enriched with high amounts of protein, fat & vitamins A, D, and E
  • The skin's surface has a pH like that of goats, making goat milk one of the best ways to cleanse and moisturize the skin
  • It contains lactic acid & whey protein which enhances skin's appearance

Cruelty free. Paraben free. Sulfate free. Dermatologist tested. In 5 unique fragrances:

  • Blood Orange - sweet and juicy blood orange with a hint of sugared black currant
  • Milk & Honey - luxuriously fresh scent of milky goodness and sweet honey
  • Water Flowers & Sea Salt - water lily, lotus and magnolia with fresh melon, rosewater, musk, and a kiss of sea salt
  • Love - an enchanting blend of jasmine, vanilla, and black currant
  • Crisp Pear - Lusciously sweet and crisp pear with sugar

Dionis was founded in 1982 on a goat farm in Virginia and later moved to Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Our products are made in small batches by our family-owned company, adhering to strict standards and using quality ingredients - including nature's original balanced moisturizer, goat milk.