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Cate and Levi

Elephant Softy Puppet

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This Cate & Levi handmade softy puppet is made from eco fabric, which is composed mostly of recyclable plastic water bottles. Using huge amounts of fossil fuels and water, plastic bottles are manufactured, filled and shipped around the globe resulting in a massive carbon footprint. But the worst part of it all is the waste. Most plastic bottles are not recycled in a meaningful way.

We found a way to recycle this plastic waste into a fun and unique toy for kids of all ages. Open ended play sparks imagination and creativity as they create stories and engage in purposeful play.

  • MATERIAL: 100% USA Polar Fleece
  • SIZE: 12" tall
  • Machine wash warm, dry low.
  • Safe for all ages. Children under 3 should be supervised by an adult.
  • Each puppet contains a tube insert for easy shelf display.