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Book Art Bookmarks

Artmark Bookmark - Mermaid Tail

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Artmark Bookmarks with shimmering mermaid tails in your choice of beautiful lavender or teal ribbon. Package with a mermaid themed book for your favorite mermaid loving fan.

Fitting snugly on nearly any size book, notebook, or planner you can be sure an Artmark will never fall out and lose your place, no matter where you bring your new read. The soft elastic ribbon ensures your pages will never be torn or folded over. An Artmark can be worn on the cover of your book or placed on the spine.

  • Artmark will fit most regular paperback books, hardcover books, notebooks, and planners.
  • Artmarks should not be used as a necklace.
  • Not suitable for children under 6 due to choking hazard and strangulation risk.
  • As every Artmark is unique, connectors, charms, and geodes can slightly vary in color or texture.