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Margotte tournicote

Doudou renard roux - Fox Lovey

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It is in the heart of Normandy, in Lisieux, that Margotte tournicote gives life to her comforters. Comforters designed with care to accompany your baby in the first years of his life, from his birth, even premature, until his entry to school and much more. They are made with healthy, labeled materials and soft fabrics that are easily washable. Thanks to their ergonomic and practical shape, our comforters will quickly become your everyday heroes.

But what makes them so special is the shaping of their heads by hand. This craftsmanship, which is executed with a needle, allows both to model and embroider the face of our comforters by creating a unique expression, giving each of them a real personality and a story. So some will have shy smiles, while others will look mischievous for no real reason, except the magic of handmade!

Soft to cuddle, easy to catch by your ears, stimulating to look with its pretty colors, this comforter is a true Swiss knife! And this is especially thanks to these knots, which in addition to facilitating gripping, are often used as a pacifier. Flat, it fits easily into a handbag for a ride, or a small backpack on the first school.

Colours: velvet body nectarine/ecru, Liberty of London Adeljada cotton yellow Textiles labeled OekoTex Standard 100.

Flush velvet: 80% cotton/ 20% polyester. Cotton: 100% cotton. 100% hypoallergenic polyester padding. Machine wash at 30 degrees. Wash separately the first time