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MetaMorph Jewelry Studio

Crystal Hair Pin

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MetaMorph Jewelry Studio is a modern bohemian jewelry & accessories brand focusing on the craftsmanship and uniqueness of handmade jewelry, inspired by the beauty and energy of working with raw materials, and the study of symbols.

They strive to design products that include re-usable or biodegradable packaging, and to create beautiful, finely crafted pieces of jewelry that can become heirloom treasures. All plastics used in packaging are Greenline Biodegradable Plastic baggies that are also resealable and great for reusing.

These gorgeous hair pins are handcrafted from solid bronze on 925 Sterling Silver and genuine Quartz crystal. These hair pins are flexible and lightweight making them easy to pick into already styled hair to elevate your look.

Dimensions: Length: 2.75"-3" Width: 1/2" at widest-1/4" at base

Materials: Solid Bronze 925 Sterling Silver Quartz Crystal Points