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St. George Candle Co.

St. George Candle Co Coconut & Beeswax Candles 8 oz.

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St. George Candle Co. takes pride in providing candles that are environmentally kind without sacrificing beauty or quality. All of our candles are made of a natural blend of coconut wax and beeswax, with cotton and paper wicks.

Years of experimentation have shown us that coconut wax makes a superior candle, both in appearance and fragrance; while being far more eco-conscious. Unlike the processing of soy wax, coconut wax production does not involve hexane rinses, GMO seeds, or deforestation.

8 oz heavy recycled glass jars with cork lids. The glass containers can be cleaned and reused and the cork lids naturally degrade.

Life is challenging; daily self care should not be!

A percentage of sales is donated to the Pope Memorial Humane Society in Thomaston, Maine and other pet rescue organizations.

Bamboo - Green and grassy, with top notes of bamboo, citrus, and ozone. Finished off with hints of lavender and white musk.

Blue Marina - Fresh and summery, with seaweed, shells, and waves lapping on the harbor shore.

Bonfire - Smoky, woodsy, slightly ashy, as an evening bonfire on the beach.

Cathedral Woods - Fresh and woodsy, pine with a hint of eucalyptus.

Ocean Air - Warm ocean breezes, full of salt, sunshine, energy and fresh air.

Sea Grass - A clean, fresh blend of greens and clover with vetiver grass and moss.

  • White Sails - Open seas, fresh air, white canvas, and miles of blue horizon.

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