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Mens Recycled Belt and Bamboo Socks Gift Box - Bob

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Slopes & Town was born in Amsterdam in 2017 and focuses on delivering timeless, contemporary accessories for modern living and everyday practicality. Our range of accessories are carefully thought out, from design, to materials and packaging. We embrace "slow fashion", sustainability and minimize our wastage footprint.

Our belts are multi purpose, multi functional, multi style, bringing a balance and allowing flexibility to active, on the go lifestyles. Our socks are designed for every occasion made from bamboo fiber, recycled plastic and are the softest socks your feet deserve. Less is more in an ever-increasing materialistic world, so step up, stand out and embrace the Slopes and Town spirit! Designed in Amsterdam, inspired by Amsterdam

Bob brown recycled woven belt made with care using recycled plastic bottles yarn. Our yarn is certified with Global Recycled Standard. Help to reduce plastic waste in landfills - choose recycled!

  • Elastic belt, that always fits
  • 105 cm long and stretches up to 135 cm 
  • Perfectly adjustable, no belt holes
  • Brown leather piping with embossed Slopes & Town logo 
  • Silver colour buckle 
  • Waterproof 
  • Comes in a recycled kraft paper gift box 

Blue and brown herringbone bamboo socks. Knit from natural bamboo fiber and recycled plastic bottles polyester. Processed with ReNEW recycling technology, which allows us to use less resources (water, energy, etc.) than production of new polyester out of crude oil and, of course, helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste!

Size of the belt - 105 cm/41.5 inch long

Size of the socks - 41-45 EU/8-11 UK/US12-14