The Social Media Catch 22

The Social Media Catch 22

Just when I thought I had things figured out, I learned I still have so much left to learn! Social media can be a friend and a foe. It's easily accessible for most people, and it sure seems like people spend a lot of time perusing sites on their phones. So why am I struggling to build a following?

Do people not like my products? Is my website a dud? Am I completely missing the mark? I've created a business account and start posting like crazy. I've asked my friend group to like, follow, and share. Still nothing?

Turns out there's a social media catch 22 . . . to get full functionality of your business accounts, you need to have a certain number of followers. To get that certain number of followers, you have to have something engaging for them to follow, click, or purchase. I can't link my products or store to my social media accounts until I reach this "certain number" of followers. Sigh. Big sigh.

Another stumbling block. But I'm trudging forward. Onward!

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